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Showing posts from February 20, 2011

'KEY' - the new release from RED SNAPPER.

'KEY'...the new album is out on April 15th on V2. The artwork looks amazing and we're booking gigs now so keep being patient." -

Notre Jour Viendra - An Identity Odyssey

in sfarsit film. psihanalitic. dur. naturalist. te trece prin Bernie si La Haine. reminiscente juvenile nesabuite. o odisee a identitatii.
"My hair bothered you, so I let it grow.  My actions, my attitude disturb you? And nonetheless I will amplify them.  And finally, taking in your sarcasm I rest indifferent.  So that I may finally become he which I must be.  And despite this disgust, this shame…you will love me, for that which I am.”