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Furio Snails-Ten

реакция на внутреннюю тревогу, когда индивид чувствует себя вынужденным совершать иррациональные действия, чтобы уменьшить напряжение.

cauta cauta cauta prin buzunare la camasa
la pantaloni la geaca cauta, intoarce pe dos fumeaza o tigara
mai fumeaza una cauta, cauta, cauta
cauta CE?????

Down in the Willow Garden

"Down in the Willow Garden",  also known as "Rose Connelly"  is a traditional Appalachian murder ballad  about a man facing the gallows for the murder  of his lover: he gave her poisoned wine, stabbed her,  and threw her in a river.  It originated in the 19th century, probably in Ireland,  before becoming established in the United States.

"Down in the willow garden, me and my love did meet
And as we sat a-courting, my love fell off to sleep I had a bottle of burgundy wine; my love, she did not know And so I poisoned that dear little girl along the banks below Along the banks below
I drew my saber through her; it was a bloody night I threw her in the river, which was a dreadful sight My father often told me that money would set me free And so I murdered that dear little girl whose name was Rose Connelly Whose name was Rose Connelly
My father sits at his cabin door wiping his tear-dimmed eyes His only son soon should walk to yonder scaffold high My race is run beneath the sun; the …

A Playlist Weekly # 1


e foarte important:

sa stii clar si sa poti delimita ceea ce iti place de ceea ce nuti place. sa constientizezi ceea ce iti este interesant si ceea ce nuti este interesant.

problema e ca nu am convingeri, dar ce inseamna "convingere"
=Părere fermă asupra unui lucru. pai iata n-o am. si se poate de vorbit ore in sir despre asta, dar intrebarea e una: = de ce?
Probabil se trage inca de la Meursault si timpul cand ma simteam atat de bine
in pielea lui si eram atat de sincer si eram transparent... Si ca si acum: lumea se
impartea in cei care ma urasc si cei care ma iubesc, in esenta nimic si
nimeni nu s-a schimbat. Inafara de mine.
Curg ca un rau. Ma imbrac si ma dezbrac ca un pom. Dati-mi indiferenta inapoi!

hanging on every word getting high on every smile feeling anxious on any of my words
- i'm ugly
- no, you're not. - i'm ugly. - no, you're not.

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