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3 capace de la chitară (tone, volume, tone)
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3 ghivece cu hippeastrum
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o h y e a h

from the end

the face

the face

Animalele Salbatice din Tinuturile Calde

the idea of time reversal

A guide star lets scientists see deep into human tissue
"The idea of time reversal is so remote from everyday experience it is
difficult to grasp, but as Scientific American reported at the time, if
you stood in front of Fink's time-reversal "mirror" and said "hello,"
you would hear "olleh," and even more bizarrely, the sound of the
"olleh," instead of spreading throughout the room from the loudspeakers,
would converge onto your mouth."

A guide star lets scientists see deep into human tissue An ultrasound guide star and time-reversal mirror
can focus light deep under the skin, a game-changing improvement in
biomedical imaging technology

A conventional mirror (bottom) does not
correct the distortion of a wavefront produced by the water-filled
bottle in this illustration. A time reversal, or phase conjugating,
mirror (top), on the...

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Astronomers have a neat trick they sometimes use to com…