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Знать не знаю и видеть не хочу шучу-шучу

Some Interesting Trip-Hop Detected

Stop fucking your ears with kitschy IDM and dubstep. Get some deliverance-ance-sense...

BENT - one of the greatest underrated band. Comprising the softness of Air and grooviness of Chemical Brothers, it delivers some unique refreshing vibes. Neil "Nail" Tolliday and Simon Mills of Bent are 2 experiment-heads, as they sound-juggle in each of their albums spitting on any tag or genre labeling. You don't need Number 3 or Number 8.


Future Jazz Mantra

Addiction On The 1st Day of The Last Month 

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cuști de leproși

166-marșrutcă-rutieră-microbuz-Sprinter-bradLukoil-un-radio-din-inima-moldovei-respecta-si-vei-fi-respectat-oameni-pasageri-huinea-bolnavi-palizi-galben-albui-priviri-suparate-obosite-hyperserioase. baba din spate zambeste. are maselele stricate, purulente. asta din stanga e Șarikov - sprincene stufoase, intersectate, frunte ingusta, buze mari uscate, crapate.  mutantul din spatele lui are cusma peste ochi, gluga peste cusma care sta peste ochi. galbena si ea.  Auschwitz-Ciocana. leproșii muribunzi o trag pe la cuști. AURORABORALA>>> ~~~~ BORALA>>> ~~~~ BORALA>>> ~~~~ BORALA>>>

Pieter Bruegel, Parable Of The Blind Year



Mie-mi place muzica bizara... Xiu Xiu canta in falset ca si The Knife.
noapte buna