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Notes from past underground (noi visari)

I saw a boy who reminded me of me.
I saw a boy who reminded me of Oren Ambarchi.
I saw an old boy who reminded me of Alva Noto.
Toţi presupun posibilitatea unei coliziuni.
I don't like their behaviour.
I forgot who they are.
Owl cry
Jungle sounds
Xiu xiu
Plaid, o pâine şi o apă.
Sensual Unavailability
Modelarea greşelilor,
Repararea încălțămintei.
Chinese business model.

Radu Iosipoi - Radu Iosipoi is with Record Trip at Valentina Bar.


Tata ține poarta!

Landscape-perception ¬

Landscape & Perception project 2007-2012
Royal College of Art ¬ Principal Investigators: Jon Wozencroft ¬ Paul DevereuxPreseli ¬Avebury ¬

This pilot study was designed to explore direct sensory ways of perceiving landscape, and to digitally record those explorations. The investigators felt the best type of landscape for this purpose would be a fairly unspoilt prehistoric one, and they selected as their primary study area the Carn Menyn ridge in the Preseli Hills of South-West Wales, reputed source of the Stonehenge bluestones, and environs.The two sensory modes chosen were vision, and, especially, sound, as investigator Wozencroft is Senior Tutor in sound and moving image in the Visual Communication programme at the RCA as well as founder and editor of the music publishers, Touch. It was the aim to try to observe and listen to this prehistoric landscape as if with Stone Age eyes and ears. In the process, it was hoped that some of these perceptions would have archaeological interes…

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Cum votezi asa si vei primi.

Cum votezi asa si vei primi.Și vei primi totul strâmb

De 3 zile

De 3 zile 3 esc 3 az
checked in Zaporojie, Ukraine.
2130 live fast die young
n-as vrea sa mor repede.

Stillness trailer

ce matin la

Tony Royster Jr. (Drummer for Jay Z) Drum Solo On The Roland TD-30KV