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Fucking on the TV (SFW)


Eduardas Mieželaitis

  In his book A Tale of the Forest (1981), Eduardas Mieželaitis portrays nature, the world of a forest. The action takes place in the country, called Nebutija (“non-existence land”), where joy is forbidden, and from which the Diamond Bell that used to spread joy has been stolen. The main protagonist is a boy made of wood, a kind of Pinocchio – he represents the child and his nature. However, the similarity to the well-known Pinocchio of Collodi is superficial. The story emphasizes the mythical origin of the wooden kid. He is the son of a woman (a young recluse living in a forest hut) and a mythical creature, the Spirit of the Forest. Like in folk tales, the protagonist is small but very strong, he uses his super-natural powers to defend the wronged ones. He is a kind-hearted optimist, engaged in the activities similar to those of other folk heroes: he takes care of hares, plays the magic pipe and gets a magic wand as a present. In this book, the author creatively uses elements of vari…


Acknowledging A Book's Knowledge is Enlightenment.

Information Will Become or Presumably Is Already Becoming More Accessible Than
Anything Else.

News in Advertising. What?

a visual paperwork

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я ненавижу когда... (VIDEO UITATE)

3 pre-chords real oh dead (TRIP AT JEWISH GRAVEYARD)

f a c t u r a u-r-a-a-a!