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serious company, srsly

- what is the part for my vehicle X?
- Here is the part for your vehicle X,
it is PART Y.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- But I cannot find it.
- Yes, it is because this part Y is very
very new and we did not manage to add
on the website yet.
- OK, thank you.
- My pleasure. 

(1 week later)
- Is part X available in stock?
- Let me check. Yes it is available.

(2 weeks later) 

- Hey! what is that message? you said
the part was available.
- Yes but now it is not available
and we offer you a different part - part Z.
- OK, thank you.
- My pleasure.You have to pick the parcel at the post office.

(3 weeks later)

- we cannot refund you the cost of shipping back, even if the damaged part is on warranty. you can send it to us and we will forward to the manufacturer. you will have to wait up to 8 weeks.
- without my part?
- yes.
- but I have paid for it (
- I understand, but we cannot do anything about it, send it back on your own cost.

Ultimă oră

Un bărbat din capitală amenință că se aruncă în gol,

de la etajul doi al unui bloc 

de pe strada Petru 

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