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porridge mashup

Travelling is a Cure Just like riding a Bike Or playing a musical Instrument.
Making a track. Inter Ethnical Lingual perception of . A Sociolinguistic study of Graphic LanguagePhonetic
what a porridge (mashup)

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​ ​​ ​​ GEOFF SMITH & NICOLA WALKER-SMITH - The Last of England [​​ 15 Wild Decembers. Sony Classical, 1995].GEOFF SMITH & NICOLA WALKER-SMITH - Six Wings of Bliss [15 Wild Decembers. Sony Classical, 1995].GEOFF SMITH & NICOLA WALKER-SMITH - Possed me [15 Wild Decembers. Sony Classical, 1995].​​ THIS MORTAL COIL - ​​ Acid, Bitter and Sad [Recomplilatorio: Lonely is an Eyesore. 4AD, 1987].COCTEAU TWINS - ​​ Crushed [Recomplilatorio: Lonely is an Eyesore. 4AD, 1987].​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER - The Stone (Coles-Up) - [White Winds. CBS, 1984]ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER - Phases of the three moons [White Winds. CBS, 1984]ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER - Sister Seed [White Winds. CBS, 1984]ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER - Trilogy (At the white magic gardens) - [White Winds. CBS, 1984]ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER - The White Winds [White Winds. CBS, 1984]​

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рэу, рэу де тот

овцеебы ебут свиней свини жрут говно ебите гусей

songs inspired by people and people inspired by songs

play list

- this is just not true.
- who cares.
- yeah!

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sinikă ș bespredel


Interview with Ionesco part 1