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Ascultă cântece la nai de michael jackson
Mănâncă macaroane cu carne la dejun
Și citește pe silabe expresii licențioase
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Never plan your writing

It is not a holiday with your family
14 days and 15 nights in a ★★★★★ resort
for young couples on their honeymoon.
It is not your visit to the doctor's when
nothing hurts, nor a picnic with best friends
and a list of drinks and snacks.
It is an instant appetite to copulate,
a sudden need to ejaculate,
into a random mate.


is it being liked?
nobody's waited.
new random
boring new
the ever boring
the new.

women like food,
a heritage.
food, women, and
money for guitar.
money for insurance.

all he can do
is make up filthy stories
to impress his drink partner
and maybe get a free shot.
art is an exotic juice
for a mere smile.