we are all americans

To USA: I'm european! I grew up listening to all the bullshit that you tried to inculcate in us. I listened to all those bitter-sweet words, so easy to digest, yet so dangerous to process. I, now, am so full of this. I'm tired of lies. I'm tired of pain. You should all be! You don't deserve my attention. You never did. You never learned from your mistake. I hope that everyone in a while will understand that what u.s.a. calls the "american dream" is just, simply, the "world nightmare" and that sadly, u.s.a. has a huge power. but we can change that! Thanks Anohni, you're a screaming voice in the silence of minorities.

 Pianeta Protesi (3 hours ago)

In the countryside, under the streams
Suck the marrow out of her bones
Inject me with chemotherapies
Suck the money out of her face

We are all Americans now

Africa, Iceland, Europe and Brazil
China, Thailand, India and Great Britain
Australia, Borneo and Nigeria

We are all Americans now

Suck the oil out of her face
Burn her hair, boil her skin

We are all Americans now

Așa aș mai bea acum o cafea

Сдохни уже!