Haikus from Antti

In terms of Zen, I highly recommend to become acquainted with Basho, who was the most notable Zen poet of his time (appr. 1590 – 1640) and his Haikus which translate always to 3 line English versions are short, delightful and fresh even after 400 years. He believed that to produce perfect art, one should find a child under 5 years old and ask the child to perform the task and his poems have a similar quality. Here couple of examples:

“You light up a fire,
I give you something nice,
A big snowball.”


“Outside the storm is raging,
In my rugged hut,
I cook tea with leaves.”


“Damned seagulls,
They flew over my rice cakes
And crapped over them.”

See, from generation to generation and country to country, all human problems appear relatively similar, one gets the storms and seagulls and occasionally something nice.

**** A.

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